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i recently graduated with a bfa (studio art/photography) last december. since then there have been some crazy changes in my life...like leaving my steady job in PA that I had for 7 years to being unemployed...but living in NYC, city of my dreams! Guess you take the good with the bad. I'm just trying to enjoy the ups and downs of life...so this is my blog (mostly filled with art and animals), this is my adventure...please enjoy
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The folks over at Triposo wanted to know when people around the world take pictures, so they harvested the timestamps and geolocation data from photos shared on the Internet and created this beautiful visualization showing one year of photos taken around the world (be sure to watch it full screen and in HD). It’s neat seeing certain parts of the world light up with photo activity on special days.

(via Amazing Visualization Showing a Year of Photos Around the World)

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